<riz> i was looking thru your gallery
<riz> lookee here
<riz> moderately interesting
<riz> 🙂
<riz> i have one flipping off the camera, but it’s not online.
<ypos> i hate that picture of me
<riz> 🙂 you hate most pictures of yourself.  or at least all the ones mentioned of you while i’m around.
<ypos> its true
<riz> ah well… if it’s any consolation, i’m looking into what it’ll take to clone you so I can have a mya.
<riz> wait, that’s probably just creepy.
<riz> nevermind.
<ypos> a little pocket mya to through at your enimies and keep you warm at night, I slice I dice I make julian fries
<ypos> throw
<riz> lol – that’s a marketable product, there.
<ypos> no shit

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