I won’t ever be ordering from your company again.  An employee at the Pompano Beach store of yours literally tried to steal from me in the process of taking my order.

Every week, sometimes as much as three times a week, I order from Papa John’s and get the same order.  The order always comes out to 13 dollars and some change (forty two cents, if memory serves).  I know because I always hand the delivery guy fifteen dollars, and he keeps the change.  I live about a half a block from the store, so I feel this is a just tip.  Occasionally if the food arrives in an exceptionally quick period of time, I tip extra.

Regardless, I have been repeating this ritual for the 4 months I have been in Pompano.  I, last week, attempted to order the same meal from the same branch, delivered to my office, which is even closer to your Pompano branch.  They first tried to charge me $17, but I protested.  They then tried to charge me $15 and some change.

I then got irate, and read the prices from the website, and he started an argument with me.  Out of frustration, I got vulgar and then hung up.

I own and operate a highly trafficked website, and host a four hour, very popular radio show, internationally syndicated.  I will be telling everyone within my sphere of influence of the conduct of your employees.

Is this rash?  If this was the first time I had recieved bad service from Papa John’s, I would agree with you, yes it is.  The fact is, however, I’ve been Papa John’s most ardent supporter amongst my sphere of influence, and have been ordering regularly from your different branches since I was a teenager.  Over the last year, however, between the horrid service I have been recieving from the Hollywood, Florida branch and the starkly declining level of customer satisfaction I’ve registered from the Pompano branch, I have to say that the standards across the board are in sharp decline.

For your company’s sake, I hope that you intend to get your business in order.  Unfortunately, you will be doing this without my support as a customer, and with my ridicule as a public spokesperson.

I can understand having bad employees at one branch.  I can understand having declining service levels at two branches.  But to consistently recieve bad service, and then to have a representative of your company attempt to overcharge me for your product when I clearly know the correct price is outright wrong.

reply from Papa John’s:
05/06/04 4:11pm EST

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.  I have forwarded your information on to the appropriate people for review.  I apologize for the trouble and again thank you for the feedback.


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