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Things have been interesting in this little town of Telluride. For those that don’t know whats been going a little updating is necessarry here. I just had a little vacation (if it can be clled that) in Texas and Florida. Texas was legal stuff and Florida was family stuff. I really felt like I had almost no Matthew time in the midst of all of it. I couldn’t help bt feel that the gods were conspiring tpo keep me from dancing. Dancing as many of you know is my favorite past time, and since it’s off season in Telluride, things have been totally dead. I feel like a crack addict on withdrawals. No sincereley, I’ve withdrawn from crack before and its just like it…. dejavu for real. Everytime I tried to go out and dance while in Florida I was foiled by a familial or semi familial obligations to hang out and drink with my friends and family. Not that this is the worst of fates mind you, but drinking is unfortunatley the favorite town past time right now and I was hoping for a change of pace.

Things were largley worsened by the shaving of my head. I almost cried I was so upset. The barber did such a crappy job, I had an afro mullet when he was finished. As if to make matters worse, a certain german lady friend up here bought me a four day pass to the blue grass festival. I lost it and the keys to her house, while I was in Florida (relationship sounds pretty juicy huh? …. it is). Losing the keys to her house sucked but I didn’t worry about it becasue I was squatting a cabin in the woods. In fact it was the nicest cabin in the bunch, a small bunker capable of fitting two comfortably. Unfortunatley, when I got back a little mohawked drunken man was in my cabin and wearing my jacket. His is name is splat. His dog’s name is Dog Splat. His claim to the cabin is legitimate. He lived there for five years. All the other woodsy vagrants support his claim. Good thing that the camping conditions are vastly improving. I have for the meantime occupied an abandoned platform built on a steep incline called th A-frame. It is covered in torn up tarps. These I can replace at no cost and with the help of some friends it should be easy enough to make it a cozy little home.

Right now there is work around the town and I could get a job, but I think I might wait a few weeks.

I want to do some traveling right now. In fact in just a little bit I will be heading out to Aspen to do some camping. I don’t really need money either. At least not while I’m in town. so far I have managed to budget under five dollars a day. My food is usally free. I have a deal going with the local market. I get sole ownership of all the produce they can no longer keep on the shelves, much of which is very good indeed. But since I couldn’t eat all that prodce even if I wanted to, I give most of it to the local restaraunts where I now eat for free. So I eat for free, I sleep for free, and even my clothing is free. How do I get the free clothes you ask? And for that matter the free sleeping bag and free matress and free backpack and hiking gear. Aaahh the miracle that is the free box. I’ll tell you all about it in my next posting .

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