<PhD> damn you lola moving in my territory
<Dykie> i win, again.
<PhD> no!
<Dykie> 🙂
<Dykie> aww poor prash
<riz> except lola.  who wants me.
<Dykie> i’ve offered to share with you before
<Dykie> remember?
<Dykie> i do?
<Dykie> actually i want kathy
<riz> hrm
<Dykie> 😉
<Dykie> and all my other hos
<Dykie> but primarily kathy
<Dykie> or something
<riz> i figured you’d just agree.  concensus terrorism..
<riz> something like that.
<Dykie> lol
<PhD> mm kathy
<Dykie> oh, okay
<Dykie> dude, i so want riz
<Dykie> and stuff
<PhD> you can have riz ill take kathy
<riz> heh
<riz> everybody wins.

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