[Rizzn’s Note: I’m going to see if I can’t sneak this into the schedule some where on cam-mafia…. this is some good stuff, I’ve listened to some of these.]

Another year of the WUSB radio show “Brain Damage” is now available for downloading or streaming here. These episodes (36 in all) are from 1989.

This was a very historic year in world history. The Berlin Wall came down, unfortunate events transpired in China, and the days of Reagan finally came to an end. There are more episodes of “Moscow Mailbag,” “Germany Today,” and other pieces from various countries of interest. Throughout it all, callers from the local area weighed in on the issues and spent a good deal of time creating brand new issues of their own in a unique style. Listen for provoking exchanges on such topics as censorship, racism, AIDS, religion, gun control, music, and travel. In addition, there are historical markers for such monumental events as the death of Abbie Hoffman, the San Francisco earthquake, and the Galactic Hacker Party.

Brain Damage aired from 1988 to 1995 on WUSB radio. 1988 is the one year remaining which has yet to be put online.

[via 2600.com]
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