ER1C from the c-m chatroom pulled this practical joke and expects to be slashdotted for it…. and in other news, I volunteered my server for a site that just got slashdotted, the gmail give-a-way thing…

Hrm.  Just thought of something.  I should probably clean house on this page.  Y’know… clean up the code, make things look presentable.  I’ve let the site get kinda stale.  Lots of tables not centered correctly, lots of show archives not put up properly.  Sheesh, I need about 20 more hours in my days.

I have a terabyte of bw on those servers… I say why not.  Test the limits, man.

In other news, c-m is going thru some radical changes.  (yes, more radical changes).  Stay tuned for details!