ranakkc: hi
ranakkc: asl
Rizzn: howdy
Rizzn: 25/m/florida
Rizzn: you?
ranakkc: cool
ranakkc: 27,f,iraq
Rizzn: really!
Rizzn: are you an iraqi native?
ranakkc: yup 4 both
Rizzn: very cool.
ranakkc: sure
Rizzn: well, it’s just that i don’t run into iraqi people every day.
ranakkc: not even every year
ranakkc: nice 2 meet anyway
Rizzn: yes.
Rizzn: Mind if I put you on my buddy list?
ranakkc: k
Rizzn: My name is mark, btw. What’s yours?
ranakkc: rana
Rizzn: so what do you do for a living?
ranakkc: i’m an electrical engineer designer
Rizzn: Neat.
Rizzn: I’m a software engineer.
ranakkc: cool
Rizzn: do you do much traveling?
ranakkc: no
ranakkc: when i was alittle girl
Rizzn: What area do you live in? Baghdad?
ranakkc: jihad sector
Rizzn: where is that geographically? I’m not familiar with that term. (most of what I know about Iraq right now comes from the major media, you must forgive me).
ranakkc: it’s weat baghdad
Rizzn: oh, okay
ranakkc: k
Rizzn: If you don’t wanna talk about this stuff, lemme know, but I’m curious as to how you feel about American troops in Iraq. I know the media is always trying to tell us that you hate us all there, and our government tells us that you love us all there. I don’t know what to believe.
ranakkc: we just want u 2 leave in every possible fucken way but u still don’t & don’t want 2 get it that clear
ranakkc: just leave
Rizzn: What did you feel about Saddam?
ranakkc: i support him
Rizzn: So you support his extermination of the Kurds and the Marsh Arabs?
ranakkc: yes
Rizzn: Are you Sunni or Shiite?
ranakkc: when u betraid yr country u deserve 2 die
ranakkc: sunni
Rizzn: What did they do to betray their country?
ranakkc: they were with the iranians in our war with them
ranakkc: they were kiling our solders from behind
ranakkc: some of them join the army 2 kill
Rizzn: I thought that the Iran-Iraq war ended in the 80’s. Is that incorrect?
ranakkc: but his bullets were in the opposite right directin they were in hif friend chest
ranakkc: 1988
Rizzn: But the Kurds were killed in 1992 (100,000 of them).
ranakkc: u were talking about Halabja & al-Anfal right?
Rizzn: I was talking about what happenned in Cizre.
ranakkc: where?
Rizzn: Were the women and children involved in betraying Iraq as well?
ranakkc: they were their wives & children they were supporting them,& yes they were transport weapon 4 them
Rizzn: Americans troops have been guilty of the same things in the past, in small numbers, but our culture considers that sort of thing an atrocity, regardless if they were aiding the enemy or not.
ranakkc: yr what?
ranakkc: culture!!!!!!!!
Rizzn: our society, our culture.
ranakkc: from where did u get it?
ranakkc: hah
ranakkc: u must b kidding
Rizzn: Our society is formed by the relationships of individuals living in a similar geographic region.
ranakkc: u don’t even like long nation history like others
Rizzn: It’s a term for relationships.
Rizzn: Our culture is based on the very same cultures you come from. We are Jews, Christians, Atheists, Muslims, Buddhists all living in the same country. It’s a mixture of every culture worldwide.
ranakkc: i know
Rizzn: So how can you blast our culture with ridicule when many of it’s essential elements are the same as yours?
ranakkc: u r amixture of many cicilization poured in 1
Rizzn: Right.
Rizzn: It’s very easy to get along with everyone when you realize we all stand for many of the same things. None of us want to allow murder in the streets, or theivery, or rape, or anything like that. Most religions follow their own version of the 10 Commandments.
Rizzn: Anyways, I’m not really here to debate you.
Rizzn: I was just surprised that Saddam really had support.
ranakkc: u must b sure of that
ranakkc: if he goes in with the new elec he will have apersentage not less than 40%
Rizzn: Doesn’t he have to stand trial first?
ranakkc: he will not
Rizzn: Hrm.
Rizzn: That’s very interesting.
ranakkc: wait & u’ll c
Rizzn: We have a saying in our country.
Rizzn: Actually, it was coined in Germany, during World War II
Rizzn: But basically it goes like this: “First they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew.”
Rizzn: “Then they came for the Communists and I did not speak out because I was not a Communist.”
Rizzn: Then they came for the trade Uninionists and I did not speak out because I was not a trade unionist.”
Rizzn: Then they came for me and there was no one left to speak out for me.”
Rizzn: That’s the problem that I see with countries that aren’t democracies or republics, or something with a voting process.
Rizzn: if you elect a facist into power, they can come for anyone they

like at any time.
ranakkc: if he goes down every1 will even some of yr flags in the white house
Rizzn: What are you saying, exactly?
ranakkc: about saddam
Rizzn: If saddam goes down, everyone will … ?
Rizzn: go down?
ranakkc: that they can’t judge him
ranakkc: not while they r on the top of the pyramid
Rizzn: I’ll be right back… I must go pay for my food.
ranakkc: k
Rizzn: I am back.
ranakkc: so fast
Rizzn: It was a delivery.
ranakkc: but still wb
ranakkc: i c
ranakkc: know it makes sence
Rizzn: Hey, there are no hard feelings towards me, as a person, right? You know I’m not personally attacking you, right?
ranakkc: sure
ranakkc: i weren’t still talking 2 u if i felt that was yr feelings
Rizzn: Personally, I feel that while I may not agree with your point of view in supporting Saddam, I CERTAINLY don’t agree with the way our country has been run for 30+ years.
ranakkc: so…
Rizzn: My philosophy is that America is the worst country in the whole world, except for all the other ones.
Rizzn: basically, a funny way of saying, I may not like our country’s policies, but it’s what I’m stuck with.
Rizzn: and it’s not horrible.
Rizzn: I’m going to get back to work now.
Rizzn: It was very informative and fun talking to you.
Rizzn: It was very informative and fun talking to you.
ranakkc: u should not say such athing about yr country even if it was bad 1 & sucks infront any1 sp a1 from other country u must learn how 2 respect yr country
Rizzn: Don’t get me wrong.
Rizzn: I respect my country
Rizzn: I enjoy living here.
ranakkc: i hope
Rizzn: But I know we aren’t perfect.
Rizzn: There are big problems with my country.
ranakkc: sure
ranakkc: no 1 is
ranakkc: i know
Rizzn: One of the things I like best about my country, though, is that I do have the freedom to talk as critically as I want about the leadership and the way it is run. That’s one of the most important things in our constitution. That’s how we change things here. It all starts with complaining!
ranakkc: good luck in it then
Rizzn: heheh
Rizzn: thanks
Rizzn: I’ll talk to you later, definately.
Rizzn: I had fun speaking with you.
ranakkc: me 2
ranakkc: bye


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