acridjoke: hey
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rzndourdn: heya
acridjoke: hi
rzndourdn: you rang earlier?
acridjoke: not purposly
rzndourdn: ah
rzndourdn: oky
rzndourdn: well you currently have the attention of the great and mighty riz.  what do you wish to do with this?
acridjoke: go get me a pepsi
rzndourdn: hrm
rzndourdn: where are you?
acridjoke: in my almighty computer chair
rzndourdn: You are testing the patience of the great and mighty riz.  you would waste my awesome powers on a pepsi?
acridjoke: no sir, sorry, get me laid tonight
acridjoke: is that within your powers??
rzndourdn: yep. 
acridjoke: oh thanks almighty riz
rzndourdn: All you gotta do is to listen to cam-mafia radio any time you are in a computer, hang out in the irc chatroom, and you are sure to get laid.
acridjoke: i might get RAPED in SOME IRC chat rooms
rzndourdn: ah, not ours.  while the women are submissive and hot for the men, they are not agressive enough to rape.
acridjoke: damn
acridjoke: thats kinda sucks
acridjoke: …
rzndourdn: unless you want to be raped
rzndourdn: you should have said that in the beginning
acridjoke: well umm… I MEAN NO!!!

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