<angeelo> does anybody but me thought wheatus was a girl before watching the vid ?
<angeelo> i still feel quite queer because of this
* HouseCat is blissfully ignorant
<angeelo> :/
<pheydal> these days even a viddie can’t determine sex sometimes
<angeelo> wheatus is clearly a bald MALE gnome in the vid
<angeelo> but the part with the girls holding tickets in the ‘teenage dirtbag’ vid
<riz> eh
<angeelo> apparently is the same singer…
<riz> i went thru the same thing with prince
<riz> the first time i heard him
<angeelo> hehe
<angeelo> so you make a mental picture of the person
<angeelo> and then you watch the vid
<angeelo> *poof* 3 weeks no erection
<pheydal> :”(
<angeelo> 🙁
* ripper sadface

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