<CupOJoe> my talk show will be on Rant Radio tonoght, by the way<br <CupOJoe> 6 pm EST
<riz> what’s the agenda, joe? <br <CupOJoe>I’m interviewing Don Waller of Take Back The Media, riz
<riz> cool. <br <CupOJoe> it’s a real good interview
<riz> never heard of the organisationl.
<riz> what’s their politics? <br <CupOJoe> oh they’re lefties like me 🙂
<riz> they already have the media! <br <CupOJoe> they have the NEW media!
<riz> lefties? <br <CupOJoe> WE ARE THE FUTURE!!!
<riz> lefties have the times
<riz> that’s old media <br <CupOJoe> left-wingers…liberals
* ZenCat meditates
<riz> lol <br <CupOJoe> don’t give me this “liberal media” shit…no such thing
<riz> eh, i’ll listen
<nakeyDolly> left wing = facsist, correct?
<riz> no <br <CupOJoe> no
<ZenCat> commie
<bizzypheydie> yaye<br <CupOJoe> fascist is far right
<nakeyDolly> isnt that right wing?<br <CupOJoe> commie is FAR left
<riz> there’s liberal media and conservative media
<riz> you can’t deny the ny times is liberal tho
<riz> even chomsky agrees <br <CupOJoe> actually there’s “professional” (corporate) media and “amateur” (REAL) media<br <CupOJoe> I certainly CAN deny it…the Times is ESTABLISHMENT
<riz> that, joe, i agree with
<riz> but as a rule, they editiorialize by placement.
<riz> and they lean leftwards.
<riz> elitists left
<riz> but left <br <CupOJoe> The Times is for The Times, if you know what I mean…and their rep has taken a huge hit in the last ten years
<riz> the washington post, on the other hand, does the same thing with an elitest right tilt
<riz> yeah
<riz> but the problem is that AP and UPI still give them creds <br <CupOJoe> you want the WEIRD shit, read the Washington Times, which is owned by Rev. Moon
<riz> every day in the wires, AP and UPI list the front page items for the times
<riz> and small time papers without the resources simply mirror the times <br <CupOJoe> AP is not bad, UPI is also Moon-owned
<riz> AP and UPI are still guilty of major grievances
<riz> they pander to terrorists <br <CupOJoe> they pander to terrorists?
<bizzypheydie> so young to be so hate filled
<riz> they were guilty of pandering to terrorists from the 70’s on
<riz> PLO especially <br <CupOJoe> actually I think WE’RE the terrorists<br <CupOJoe> our government is doing it, we hold partial responsibility
<riz> why? because we don’t rebel? <br <CupOJoe> because the ultimate power rests in OUR hands, riz…we may not be DIRECTLY responsible for the things our government does, but we by necessity share responsibility through our actions or our inactions
<riz> power of the people is an illusion in america
<riz> the goverment is the cerebellum, the media is the cerebrum
<nakeyDolly> america is NOT a democracy
<riz> we are completely controlled <br <CupOJoe> illusion or not, we believe in self-rule and the rule of law and therefore share responsibility
<Max> heh, only thing we can do is not elect the people who did shit
<nakeyDolly> in the US an elite group choose two options, and then the people choose one of them.  do you think the presidential election actually matters in any way?<br <CupOJoe> please let’s not talk politics here<br <CupOJoe> I do that gig on Rant Radio or on my blog
<riz> fine
Session Close (#cammafia): Thu Jul 08 16:52:10 2004