Today marks the launch of the official RIZZN.COM v7.0 design.  You may all rejoice now.

If I hear one more crack about it being pink, I’m going to hurt someone.

Also, the comment system was replaced with Blogger’s comment system, so all your old comments are gone, but not forgotten.  They are now on the to-do list of things to add to the site.

Basically, I’ve got an old journal I wrote in when I was in jail for traffick tickets that I need to add, I need to finish adding my Diaryland journal into here (it’s about one third done), I need to at the old Rizzn’s Wartime Factbook into here, and I need to put the old comments into the site somehow.

Oh, and of course I need to finish updating the MAD show archive, as well as put in my feature articles that have been sitting blank for about 4 months now.

Sheesh, I’m right on top of things here.

BTW, terrorist riz update later today.


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