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Do you want Cash?  Do you want money?  Then you need to play the PROMOTE teh Mark and Darrell Show game!

How do you play, you might ask?  Very simple!

We’re giving out a total of 275 buckaroos.  That’s a lot of visits to the hookers down the hall, my friend.

 $50 : goes to the person with the most creative idea for promoting the show.
 $50 : goes to the person the runner up of the individual who brings the most listeners to the show
$100 : goes to the person who brings the most listeners to the show.
   $2 : extra bonus from Kyle if you are trailer trash babe.
 $25 : extra bonus from Kyle if it involves boobs.

All individuals will be judged by the (arbitrary and capricious) Mark and Darrell Show Panel.  The person bringing in listeners will be expected to provide some sort of documentation of how they brought in that many listeners.

This means if you brought in what you estimate as 3000 listeners by painting portraits of Darrell and I on a water tower, then I expect at least a photo of said watertower.

Likewise, if you are caught on CNN trying to assasinate the Prime Minister of Khazakstan, and while being arrested you yell out “Mark and Darrell Rules, goto RIZZN.COM”, I expect a copy of the news reel.

Bookmark this site for contest updates.  The run for this contest is open, but is tentatively set to be about a month.

So get crackin!



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