The problem with someone like me who is terminally late is when I’m actually on time, and no one notices, no one believes me.

Yesterday, Leo told me that 11:00 is too late to come in, be on time.

I got caught behind the bridge today, so I was in at 10:14, according to the clock in my car.  Unfortunately no one saw me until 11:45… so I was late.

I’m not sure how that’s possible, since it’s just now 11:47, but still.

Perception is reality.

Let’s backtrack a little bit.  It’s 11:48 as of this sentence.  My WinAmp says it’s been running for 78 minutes. That means I loaded the WinAmp stream at 10:30.  Before I came into my office, I fixed a problem on the printer, which took me around 10 minutes which was exhausting and I was already thinking on getting a new one from, that puts me at 10:20.  I checked my email and responded to IMs before I loaded WinAmp, that puts me in about 5 minutes earlier than what WinAmp says.

That’s 10:15.  Pretty close to what I said.  However, that’s not what was observed by my partners, so it’s not what reality is.  Reality is I got chewed out like a minimum wage slave for being late.

How you see things isn’t always correct.  Don’t always assume you are correct.


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