If you click on the terrorist update link, you’ll get the full scoop … but there’s a response posted to my article chronicling the Al Heirich/Riz is a “terrorist” saga. 

Al Writes:
A few points from Al Heirich
1) My original letter was in protest of how the Peace Monkeys treated our soldiers after the parade was over and had nothing to do with thier float. For the record, the Monkeys got drunk after the parade and began spitting on Soldiers and berating them with profanity.
2) One of the soldiers was my younger sister. Enough said.
3) After my commentary, the phone calls began coming in from Rizz’n and his friends. After a threat from one of these folks, I turned it over to the local District Attorney and one of my companies for investigation.
4) I don’t own the e-mail addresses he claims came from me.
5) His posting of my commentary is in violation of the Telluride Daily Planet,s copyright which he tried to acquire to no avail.

A restraining order has been requested in San Miguel County Court to keep this gentleman from continuing to harass us.
Thank you for the opportunity to clear this up.
Al Heirich

I respond:
Hey Mental Midget
1) If Matthew spit on anyone I would be deeply shocked.  Given your reputation in the Telluride area, I take your accusations about as seriously as I would a bum off the street.
2) See point one.
3) This is a multi-parter.  Hold on to your panties.
a. Spell my name right.  Neither you nor your lawyer can spell it right.  It’s not Rizz’n, its not Rizzen, it’s RIZZN.  SEE THE DAMN DOMAIN NAME! 
b. We called you three times, in the spirit of FAIRNESS, to offer you the chance to cogently give your side of the story, on my radio show.  Nobody threatened you.  You are too paranoid. Simma down now.
4) If those email addresses didn’t come from you, then why did your lawyer say that they DID come from you?
5) Oooh, another multi parter…. y’ready?
a. I don’t care.
b. No I didn’t.  I never tried to get the copyright.  In case you haven’t noticed, I respect no copyrights on this website.  This is because I don’t profit from this website. I’m not reposting for profit, and in my mind this constitutes fair use.
c. I talked to the editor of the Telluride Daily Planet, and she didn’t say anything about my quoting of the article, and she also mentioned that you were a nutjob.  And that you were probably on probation.  I’ll post the MP3 if you push me.  I’ll post the CBI report on you too, if you keep pushing me. 

Maybe you’d like to call me sometime and chat on my radio show?  Set the record straight?  Prove to everyone you’re not a nut?  Or are you too chicken.  Bawk bawk!

Do you think your application for a restraining order is going to keep me from talking about you?  I’m sure as hell not going to come after you.  It isn’t worth my time to travel 5000 miles to come bother you.  I sure as hell can and will talk about you on my site for no other reason than it pisses you off and gives me much enjoyment.


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