No one will see this post for days.


Because my domain is down.  Why is my domain down?  Well instead of me ranting, I’ll just post this chat log with the geniuses over at

Please wait for a site operator to respond.
You are now chatting with ‘raghu’
raghu: Hi
raghu: How can i help you ?
rizzn: hello yes, I’m concerned about my domain name.
rizzn: I need to ensure that someone hasn’t registered my name as it expired yesterday
raghu: Please let me know your domain name ?
raghu: Please Hold on
raghu: Please renew your domain in next 30 days
rizzn: ok, then I need help with something else
rizzn: I was trying to renew it this weekend, and the system said I needed to be switched to cc batch
raghu: Yes, please
rizzn: it wouldn’t let me enter my billing info.
raghu: Because your domain is expired it is not accepting your CC
rizzn: it wasn’t expired friday night though.
raghu: Open Help desk ticket for billing, our Billing people will assist you
rizzn: I just want my domain up now.
rizzn: it’s important to me that I get it up ASAP
raghu: Ok, Please Open Help desk ticket for billing, our Billing people will assist you in right way
rizzn: Well, that’s yet another problem
rizzn: I went to open a ticket for billing and it said my username wasn’t found
rizzn: so i couldn’t log into the ticket system
raghu: Ok, you can also mail to
raghu: It will automatically open help desk ticket for you
rizzn: ok. I’ll send another email to billing
raghu: Ok
raghu: Any thing else that i can help you ?
rizzn: no. that pretty much covers it.
rizzn: all i can say is that i’ve been pretty calm about this.  if you guys don’t have a solution for me pronto, you had all better run and hide.

raghu: Ok


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