Al, you ignorant fsck,
You didn’t have my site taken down, the domain expired (although, I am pleased to see you finally got my name right).
My calling you on the phone was neither criminal, harassing, nor anything to do with my website.
No one spit on the soldiers, and if there was spitting involved, it certainly wasn’t Matthew.  I can tell you this because I have known Matthew since I was 14 years old.  The only time he has spit on anyone was perhaps when getting a bit excited while talking and spittle flew from his mouth inadvertantly.
This is a word of warning. is a protected subsidiary of Vision-MicroPro Industries, and if you steal it you will be subject to a civil copyright protection suit. If you are responsible for the difficulty in dealing with ehostpros that I’ve had lately, I’ll make sure to include you on the damages suit against them, as well as perhaps a slander suit.
I’d like you to explain how I’ve tried to harass you.  All I’ve done is try to get you present in a cogent, non-polemic way, your point of view.
You’ve made up tons of facts along the way, you’ve hurtled tons of false accusations, and all I’ve done is broadcast them to the world.  You, my friend, are the one that has ended up looking like a moron.  As I’ve always said, the offer is on the table to explain yourself on my show.
Oh, and FYI, your case has no legal standing.  All of my phone calls are documented and witnessed, as were the things said on the phone calls.  All writings, likewise, were documented and broadcasted. Your case, on the other hand, is unsubstantiated and undocumented.  If you think you have a legal case, buddy boy, you just bring it right the fsck on.
By the way, please say it won’t end here and your fanciful accusations and idle threats will continue…. you’ve provided me with so much material for my show and my blog lately…. I’m not sure what I would have done without it.

From: SkiMall.Net – The Premier Snow, Ski and Shopping Source []
Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 3:26 PM
Subject: Enough

    I’ve noticed you have continued to e-mail me although your e-mails are sent to the spam folder automatically, hence I have not enjoyed reading them.  None-the-less, thank you for thinking about me.
    I apologize for having your site taken down, but your calls to (NOT) harrass me were very thinly veiled and a little annoying (not to mention potentially criminal), EhostPros agreed.
You know, this all could have been avoided by you simply replying to my emotional flaming and stating you were not one of the Peace Monkeys: instead of reacting to my anger by personally attacking me.  There are limits.  I do apologize for mistaking your identity as one of the people that spit on our soldiers.
    I’ve listened to your show and read most of your Blogs and frankly, they are quite entertaining and well done, but I will add that continuing to harrass me will not be tolerated.   
    If you wish to continue to waste time battling me then I will continue to respond with all legal means, wasting both of our valuable time.
I look forward to your new site and wish you success.  I hope this end here.
Al Heirich
Al Heirich
EarthLink Revolves Around You.

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