Cool.  You know, we are pretty much alike.  I also do a radio show here in Telluride, much like your format – called the Laverne and Shirley Show on alternating Mondays on KOTO.
You were right, Matthew is a good sort.  it’s amazing how total chaos can often result in a better life.  Thank you for your understanding.
Have a great show and let me know if there is any way I can spread the word on the Mark and Darrell Show.
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From: Rizzn Do’Urden
Sent: 8/8/2004 2:44:11 PM
Subject: RE: Apology

I am surprised, shocked … and pleased with this turn of events.
I too must take your lead and apologise for the harsh words that I spewed forth.  I can only attribute them to an intense loyalty to my friend Matthew, as I most likely agree with you in a general sense politically (I myself identify more with the libertarian party than the republican party).
I hope that your meeting with Matthew was enjoyable, if not entertaining (I would be dissappointed in Matthew if it was not).
I still welcome you to join my show anytime you like.  This weekend’s show will be very interesting … lots of things planned. 
As a show of bridge-mending, I’ll make a public apology on the show, and when I get the time to edit the site, I’ll bury all the correspondence I posted on my site in a way back entry so it’s not prominently featured on my front page.
/mark.hopkins (aka Rizzn Do’Urden)
Mark Hopkins
IS Director

From: SkiMall.Net – The Premier Snow, Ski and Shopping Source []
Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 12:05 PM
To: rizzn
Subject: Apology


Dear Rizzn,
I would like to take the opportunity to apologize for my behavior towards you and Matthew, as well as any deragatory comments made in e-mails or flaming.
  I allowed my anger to over ride my better judgement.
I have met with Matthew and we sealed the end of this over a drink at O’Bannon’s Irish Pub.  I offer to do the same with you (maybe a dial a shot during your show).
I can think of no other way to end this except by swallowing my pride and saying I am sorry.
I would appreciate it if you would post on that I have never been convicted of any Internet Fraud as Suzanne claimed and that I am not on probation. The “nut job” thing is probably correct as I am conservative (not a Republican) in a very Liberal town.
Once again I apologize wholeheartedly and wish you the utmost success.
Al Heirich
p.s.  You may read this on your show if you feel the need.

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