Rizzn: Hey dave… Something happenned that you and I can share a laugh about.
DJ Ep1phany: why would i share a laugh with you?
Rizzn: AKA Radio killed itself last night … just after they fired me.
DJ Ep1phany: like i care?
Rizzn: eh
Rizzn: i figured you’d get some vindication out it.
DJ Ep1phany: i was never out for vindication
Rizzn: ach
Rizzn: nevermind
Rizzn: as you were.
Session Close (DJ Ep1phany): Mon Aug 09 11:04:50 2004

Session Start (AIM – mrundo5:DJ Ep1phany): Mon Aug 09 11:04:51 2004
DJ Ep1phany: i just dont like to associate myself with losers and infidels
Rizzn: oh, now I remember why i don’t talk to you.
Rizzn: a bit too dramatic for me.
DJ Ep1phany: oh what? because you cant stand up to the fact that you have no balls and use people?
DJ Ep1phany: you’re the dramatic one
Rizzn: losers and infidels.
DJ Ep1phany: you think you’re the don of internet drama
Rizzn: do you even know what the word infidel means?
DJ Ep1phany: riz, my education will get me a lot further in life than your loser ass
*** DJ Ep1phany has signed off.

Just watch … EP1 and AKA will become butt buddies after this.  🙂  I give it two weeks.

Incidentally, a definition of infidel, in case Dave reads this:

 1. An unbeliever with respect to a particular religion, especially Christianity or Islam. 2. One who has no religious beliefs. 3. One who doubts or rejects a particular doctrine, system, or principle.

(Isn’t Dave a non practising Jew? eh, whatever.)

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