I got up this morning a little late, went to the bank, then went and paid my rent… thus I was a bit late this morning.

Went to go look at the schedule on AKA radio to see if they fired my friends along with me.

Apparently, the whole station was fired!  The site has been taken down and the stream is down.  It says it’ll be back soon after messages.  Hrm.

I’m not even going to enter the IRC room.  Maybe I’ll get James to try to go in there and see if it’s up.

I can’t say I’m real broken up over it.  It’s what you get for censoring me.  When you outright lie about and slander me for 3 hours straight, you’re bound to reap some reward for that.


I just realized that you readers of the site don’t know what’s going on.  Let me boil this down to a nutshell explanation, since I’m tired of telling the story.

Last Monday, I was on You’re Wrong on AKA radio.  The panel members couldn’t figure out how to debate or go 20 minutes without insulting either Leo or Myself.

Last Tuesday, I contracted a severe chest cold.  I wrote what was perhaps a somewhat brash forum post on the AKA forums that still contained a point that was not insulting, merely constructive criticism.

Last Wednesday, I resigned from the You’re Wrong panel.  They weren’t getting the picture.  They were making up their own drama instead of reading the simple words I was typing.

Last Friday, I resigned as Program Director of AKA Radio and withdrew the Proposal for Strategic Partnership between CyberDyne Technologies and AKA Radio due to a few below the belt jabs by Pheydal.  Her below the belt jabs proved to me that she was unable to kepp a secret or hold her tongue under fire or pressure … a bad trait to have in a business partner.

Yesterday — Sunday, during my broadcast of the Mark and Darrell Show, the station which prides itself on never censoring anyone, censored my show less than halfway in, logged in and began spewing forth lies and slander. 

I could point out all the irony in this, but I suppose if I have to do that, it loses some of the magic.  I’ll just let everyone figure it out for themselves.

At any rate, you can still hear the Mark and Darrell Show on http://q-waves.net as well as http://rantradio.com

I’m back to work now.

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