Nature Boy Campaign Gaining Steam

Listen up! Class is in session.

I’ll admit it. I watched most of the Democratic National Convention last week, skipping “Raw” and “Smackdown!” (relax, I taped ’em). Let me say this: John Kerry’s “help is on the way,” catchphrase is a far cry from JFK’s 1961 plea to “ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country.” Times have certainly changed.

That’s not to say that I’m terribly thrilled with watching the Republican National Convention later this month. George W. Bush isn’t exactly the Great Communicator, and I’d wager prime-time viewers will stay away from that TV funhouse as well.

My point: once again, the presidential pick is terrible. It’s lesser of two evils time again, with Ralph Nader slumming for votes from the radical left.

Which brings us to Ric Flair. A few months ago, I wrote (tongue-in-cheek) that the Nature Boy deserved consideration for the White House. My arguments were as sound as they could be in a forum such as this, (link to that column here), and I got a few letters in agreement.

Then came Mark Hopkins, an executive at a software company in Pompano Beach, Fla.

In his spare time, Hopkins also hosts a wrestling-related Internet radio show. He’s also tired of politics as usual and is leading the charge for a Slick Ric write-in campaign. “I seriously support Ric Flair for president,” he says. “I’m not as wacky as that statement makes me sound. I have been a longtime conservative, and as time goes by in my life I find more and more I cannot identify with the major political parties anymore.”

“Every chance I get now, I advocate the election of Ric Flair in a write-in vote,” Hopkins adds. “My pitch goes something like this: both (Bush and Kerry) disgust me equally. I do not believe that our current presidential candidates take the job seriously, so I want someone in office sure not to. I think that electing a well-known and apolitical ‘rassler such as (Flair) would put American politics in perspective.

“I have to vote my conscience. Don’t try to convince me to vote for Nader or Kerry … (or) to simply vote ‘against’ Bush. I cannot vote for the lesser of two evils, I can’t the see the difference. I am truly going to vote for Ric Flair this year, simply because I see no alternative.

“I mean we’ve elected ‘rasslers to gubernatorial seats, we’ve elected actors to presidential seats. All we’re doing here is putting someone without ties to the corruption that exists outside the beltway into the Oval Office.”

Hopkins contacted me in hopes I would give a little publicity to his write-in push, and I do it gladly. If you think about it, Flair really needs a new gig anyway. He’s a solid member of Evolution, but he hasn’t won a significant singles match in ages (Hurricane doesn’t count).

He’s still a thrill to watch, but gravity has caught up with greatness. I’d love it if Flair took on a J.J. Dillon role, as manager of Evolution (and perhaps add Edge?), but I don’t see it happening before the November election.

Mr. Hopkins offers an alternative: write in Slick Ric.

“A vote for Ric is a vote for change,” Hopkins urges. “Wooooo!”

Help is on the way?

Give me “Woooooo!” any day.

(Professor Wrestling is an employee of Internet Broadcasting Systems. He still thinks Jesse Ventura would have made a shambles of the current race had he decided to run.)

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