Three additional stations requested syndication information, and a new affiliate confirmed that we’d be going on the air this Sunday with them, too, although unfortunately not live.  Furthermore, right before I left the office yesterday, Smokehouse said that he’d start putting old M&D shows into regular rotation on the RRTalk station.

More details later.

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Now those details you wanted.

Hybrid Radio is picking us up for 2-6pm on Sundays.
Power Planet Radio is picking us up Live starting 8/22.
Rant Radio is adding us to the general rotation to join the ranks of Cup-O-Joe, Sean Kennedy, Tales of the Afternow (I think), and others so you can hear us just at random times on Rant Radio Talk.
Q-Waves is still carrying us live on Sundays:

We are in talks with a few other stations, as well.  Stay tuned for details.


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