I think things have calmed down a bit here.

(knock on wood)

I’m not really going to talk about too much drama stuff, but there is one thing I have to comment on with regards to that station which will remain nameless.  For all their big talk of recovery and gaining momentum out of firing me, their great listener peak so far has been 2 after my episode, and half of their streaming servers are down.

Eric, or Lougan for that matter (if you are in fact involved with the streaming side), you guys are doing a bang up job so far.  Keep up the good work.  At this rate you’ll be fully recovered in about three years.  This time slot used to be the most popular slot of the first 12 hours of the day.  Right now you have a whopping two listeners.  You guys aren’t even beating EP1 right now.

By the way, you haven’t seen the last of your station vacancies yet.  You’ve lost two shows (which is an incorrect accounting, by the way), but you haven’t really taken into account the people who are going to no-show from here on out due to the fact that they’re turned off by the way this situation was handled.

Apparently, they can’t stop talking about me in the chat room.  I’ve gotten numerous cut and pastes from my sleeper agents in teh chat room, such as this one.

[04:49]  “we’re done with aka, i guess. and after this, we’ll move onto other stuff, blah blah blah”
 [04:49]  i hate when he reads shit off a website. so boring
 [04:49]  we gave him the most interesting hour and a half of radio he’s ever had
 [04:49]  to bad nobody heard it
 [04:49]  this is true
 [04:49]  i was telling phey how with the exception of the nixxi episode
 [04:50]  Stream is up at 64 kbps with 14 of 50 listeners (14 unique)
 [04:50]  he hasn’t had but one phone call a night
 [04:50]  hardly nobody

Apparently, some people hate it when it when I read stuff that goes over their head.  For the record, all my sources on Sunday night were primary sources.  Nothing from a web page.

That wasn’t the most interesting hour and a half of radio I’ve ever had.  That was the most interesting hour and a half of radio you guys have ever had.  You were entertained by diddling your own navals.  It just was a minor annoyance to me.

The reason I haven’t had more than one phone call a night is because I allowed hundreds of friggin goobers like Lougan and Menace to clog up my airwaves the whole night, boring everyone to tears with their inane commentary masquerading as witticisms (or Lougan’s incessant typing).  I actually had no room to take on any additional people for the last three shows.  The lines were FULL! That means I had SIX people on the show beside myself.  How many more additional callers do I need to satisfy you?


You guys keep on thinking you are all that.  I’ve been syndicated on yet another station while you were yanking your pud.  I must not be as boring as all that.

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