I just want to say I’ve appreciated the letters of support from my listeners.  I also appreciate the hate mail I’ve gotten from brainwashed AKA people. 

I take it as a compliment.  Everyone is so threatened by my simple statements of fact that they must defend against everything I say be trying to refute me in public and private forums.  I appreciate your concern and thank you for writing.

A few amendments to my earlier posts this morning.

At the time I took a look at the servers to see what the AKA listener count was (around 11:00 AM EST), the low bandwidth server was down, thus 0 listeners.  The high bandwidth server was up with 2 listeners.  If I had cared to make an issue out of it, I would have taken screen shots.  It was a simple observations.  I hope that addresses the three emails I recieved on that topic.

On the topic of spies, it was a tongue-in-cheek term for some people in the chatroom who are sympathetic to me and the way I was treated. 

Also, don’t be so concerned about how obsessed I am with this or not obsessed with this I am.  If I want to be obsessed, let me.  You should try to keep in mind you wondering about me wondering about you all is just as sick as me wondering about you wondering about me. 🙂  Sounds stupid, yes?  Heh, you said it, not me.

I’m too tired to address all your silly emailed questions that I didn’t already respond to, so I’ll just thank the supporters of the Mark and Darrell show, and I’ll see you tomorrow.