“Some notes from a 30 year (now reformed), white, Constitutional Conservative Republican activist on our rights.”

The RIGHT scoffs at the notion that rights are disappearing, the LEFT howls loudly that; IT is happening now! But I have a question; what is a CIVIL RIGHT? The Washington, DC (DC) crowd, and the Media talk about “civil rights” all the time. The greatest bait and switch in history! Who gave up my Constitutional Rights? I want his/her head on a platter!

The Constitution garuntees our unalienable rights from birth. Who gave Congress the Right to REMOVE, or even ADD any kind of RIGHT? Civil implies that Uncle gives, and Uncle takes away;RIGHTS. Is this even possible? NO! TREASON is not a book title; it is a description of Congress’ behavior over the last 59 years. In my own country “we the people” are quickly becoming the “Palestinians” in our own homeland; and the governing are becoming the Israeli’s “occupyingus!” Look around, listen to the DC crowd on HOMELAND security; it is the end game. Think about it fellow Palestinians, think about it!

From the Israeli checkpoints to smell our breath, to the secret police being built at this moment.

It is happening now!

Would love to track the internal destruction of our RIGHTS from VJ-day 1945 to this point HERE ON THIS BLOG; but not enough space for that.

Just remember that Ed: “TheFalcon” was the one that put this into so many words first! If I can get my two books published you will see the truth writ large; with no names left out.

Look for:”Who’s killing the great experiment” and “PROHIBITION II, Safety or Treason.” Probably released through LuLu Online Publisher soon.

“We the people” and that “more perfect union” are gone forever. Even the perfect system depends on PEOPLE, and bad people are much more likely to seek power than are good ones. We are in trouble!

How long will it take to transfer the prison tactics, door busting jack booted law enforcement to our own soil that’s being used in Iraq; daaah, DC learned those tactics here! It is already SOP!

Do you think the propaganda over the last 40 years was just a whim? Us against them, that is the order of DC thinking. Bad news for all of us, mark my words.

/Ed “TheFalcon.”

[via the comments on I protest.]
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