I hope you all enjoy the new layout.  I spent a couple evenings on this when I should have been catching up on work…. so if my life turns to shambles because I’m behind the eightball, I’m holding each and every one of you responsible.  Or something.

At any rate, let me answer a few questions before they come up.  The picture on the front page is my hand showing off my new Microsoft Watch.  Or, if you prefer, you can think of it as a picture of my girlfriend.  Either way, that should elimated the jokes and the such about the pink website (an undoubtably give rise to a slew of new jokes).

What’s on the horizon for rizzn.com?  Well, we’re shifting focus a little bit.  I’ve got about a half-a-dozen sub-sites, and I’m currently seeing who wants to join me on this, but what will end up happening is we’ll be rolling out in minor version numbers until we have a full flegded community out.  RickyWorld, DJ Colonoscopy and the Shit, Knight_tyme, Daizy, Whatever, and a few others, hopefully, will be joining forces and doing what they have been doing all along, basically being creative with the webspace they have… except they’ll all be branded with the same design, and hopefully draw some new readers to their site.

That’s the hope anyways… watch for period revisions culminating into version 8.0 as we move toward this goal.

BTW, I know it’s probably still fairly buggy … any bug reports (i.e. dead links, missing graphics) should be reported to guesswho@rizzn.com. Much appreciated.


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