I feel it’s my responsibility to report this information to the public, as there continues to be a smear campaign targeting my good name in effect from AKA.  I’m not certain if it’s a conscious effort to target me, or is a result from misguided community pride on AKA’s part.  Regardless, it is crossing into territory dangerously close to harassment and slander/libel.

Witness: it is no secret that I wrote scripts which for the good of the community propped up the programming to ensure it extended 24 hours a day.  Between the two computers in my office devoted to that, there was always some automated script firing off.  The ways these scripts launched were wide and varied… some were custom applications, some were bought applications, some were launched from “Scheduled Tasks” in Windows, some were “StartUp Tasks” in Windows.

Spread those different methods across 2-3 computers and you’ve got a lot of clean-up to do.  Despite all the clean-up there was to do, I missed all but two or three scripts.  They were: 1) the script that uploads the Jimmy Factor at 3AM daily until all the archives were moved from my computer to the server, 2) the bot which broadcasts Off The Hook, & 3) Trillian, which unbeknownst to me was trying to log in of it’s own accord.

Obviously none of these things will work.  My IP has been banned from the server since before my show was.  If that wasn’t enough to keep me out, the passwords have been changed.

If I was trying to hack you idiots, do you think you’d even know about it?  Do you think I’d use my own IP address?  Do you think I’d try to use passwords known to be bad?  There is one or two people at the source of this rumor mill…. I know who you are, and you know who you are.  Stop it, or don’t, it makes no difference.  Only you can keep this from becoming an actionable case.

Like I said when my company’s name was threatened — there is certain amounts and types of abuse I can take, but when it crosses the line (and I do know very clearly where that line is), I will react.  This is a second warning to the community.  Pursue this line of inquiry and accusation and there will not be a third.

Just so we’re all on the same page, the log that was sent to me was this exactly:

Authentication Failures: mafia ( ): 3 Time(s)

Y’see, Mafia was the old username (actually it was mafia@cam-mafia.com).  The password changed all the time, but it generally cycled around mafia themes like mafia, mafioso, sopranos, as well as the occasional oddball password like ibetyoucantguessthisone and cooter.  If I was doing a dictionary hack, I’d probably throw in some other password variations like rizsuck, or nodrama, since bagging on me has become a cultural pasttime at AKA.

That’s neither here nor there, but it shows a working knowlege of the password schema by me of the AKA crew.  If I were to try to hack them, I would make more than three tries, make them from someone else’s IP address, and go with a dictionary hacker based on this theme. 

More than likely, however, as absentee as GT is with that box, there’s probably some security holes that allow you to bypass the brute-force hacking attempts altogether.  Not sure, myself, as I don’t know, and I don’t care. 

Lastly, WHY would I hack into it?  Is there a motive?  Can you even think of one?  You think I’m so insulted by everyone’s idiotic accusations that I’ll just flip out and hack your box from my own workstation?

rizzn: “Bwaahh I can’t take it anymore…i’ve GOTTA HACK AKA RIGHT NOW.. aahhh”

<rizzn furiously taps away at the keyboard attempting to break into the AKA server.  After a short burst of typing, there is a silence.>

rizzn: “Drat, that’s the only password i know.  I even tried it three times in a row! This is hopeless.”

<He gives up, as the psychotic fit passes as quickly as it came.>

I mean seriously.  If you thought logically about this (I know, it’s hard, but try it some time) you would have avoided embarrassing all the emissaries you sent over to accuse me of crime.

So, my final words to everyone over there at AKA that try to orchestrate my doom: a) quit using pawns for your dirty work, b) next time you accuse me of a crime and spread it around enough that multiple people come asking me what the hell is up, you’d better have proof a bit more substantial than that utter crap I pasted up there.


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Now playing: Tank! Remix (Cowboy Bebop)Luke Vibert Remix

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