A US jury convicted a man of murder after a trial that turned into a media frenzy because TV chat show host Oprah Winfrey was in the jury box.

Jurors deliberated for more than two hours before convicting 27-year-old Dion Coleman of first-degree murder in the February 2002 shooting death of 23-year-old Walter Holley.

“When your life intersects with others in this way, it is forever changed,” said Ms Winfrey, speaking outside the Cook County Criminal Courts building.

She was paid $24 a day for her civic duty, and next week plans a show about the trial with other jurors.

TV cameras shot her every move outside and inside the court building’s bustling lobby, and more than a dozen reporters and sketch artists filled many of the seats in the cramped courtroom.

“This is not good for the victim’s family. This is not about Oprah Winfrey, the fact is a man has been murdered,” Ms Winfrey said. – AP

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