I should probably lay low (or play dead, as a friend advised me to do today), but I’m jumping back into the fray because this amuses me so.  I mean all I have to do is just exist, and then I get a shower of messages from former [the unmentionable station] people accusing me of things I didn’t do, and when I defend myself on my own public forum I get lambasted as a “lune” (it’s spelled loon; a lune is a crescent-shaped portion of a plane or sphere bounded by two arcs of circles) on the front page of the station (or as I like to call it, free advertising).

My alleged lunacy comes from one of the following sources, according to the great psychologist Jimmy: a) the magical hand of reality has slapped me in some way, b) or I’m guilty for working for a “kinf of shady racket.”

Explanation A doesn’t really make a lot of sense.  I mean reality is a sort of term for the sum of our human perceptions.  It can’t really slap us physically … so one must assume it is a metaphor for something else.  What has happenned in life lately that caused me to snap?  And how did my behavior change before and after the events you describe?  I was rude, obnoxious, and reactive to obsessive asshole jerks before I ever came to [the unmentionable station].  This is not a change for me.  I don’t give up in a flame war.  I am the damn Energizer Bunny.

Explanation B borders on actionable items.  Jimmy toes the line once again, but then he has no evidence to back his claims, so therefore he continues to dig his grave deeper.  This doesn’t concern me.  The line-crossing I speak of is when untrue things are said about me in an effort to damage my reputation or the reputation of my company (or in last night’s case, in an effort to criminalize me).

So in response Jimmy, I say “Nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah nyah.”  Also, I’d like to point out that every post on my board has been reflexive, and has never strayed from the truth in this matter (furthermore, everything from day one has been extensively documented).

So watch yourself.  You know where the lines are, and when you cross them, I’ll be waiting, and then you’ll reap the consequences.  You aren’t going to goad me into something by being childish like this.  If you pull another stunt like last night, you’ll force my hand, however.

Thanks for the free advertising on your front page… it’s always nice to have such dedicated readers like the [the unmentionable station] crew… and I’m glad to know I’ll always be remembered.

also, like a fungus, I will grow on you.

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