As you all know, I am supporting Ric Flair for President this year.  You can read about me in numerous outlets speaking out about this write-in campaign.  I figured at this point I would be remiss if I didn’t bring the issue up again, and speak to what Ric Flair’s involvement with politics has been up to this point…. we should know our candidate a bit better.

According to Richard Leiby of the Washington Post in an article yesterday said that “…our favorite pro wrassler of all time, Ric Flair… would be showing up at the GOP convention this year. 

Obviously, this conflicts a little bit with the platform we at Slick Ric for President we’ve constructed for him, but what exactly do you expect from someone who’s not aware of his own write-in campaign?  It’s a subject for debate whether or not we want a cadidate for president that actually desires the office.

If this is the kind of candidate we want, there is evidence that Ric Flair might just indeed be our man. Look to this article from Slam! Sports:

Flair doesn’t file to be N.C. governor – yet
Now that Ric Flair is back working for WCW, perhaps he’s dropped his thoughts of becoming the governor of North Carolina.

Monday was the filing deadline to run for public office in the state, and Flair did not file.

However, according to North Carolina media outlets, that doesn’t count the former world champ out. As an independent candidate, The Nature Boy did not have to file his papers of candidacy Monday, but he will have to collect 96,785 signatures of registered voters between now and June 30.

Thirteen people did register to challenge for governor – seven Democrats, four Republicans and two Libertarians.

Flair is scheduled to be a part of the next WCW PPV, taking on old nemesis Terry Funk.

In other somewhat related news, has taken down Ralph Nader as of the 16th as an alternative candidate, according to a press release issued on PRweb. There is little hope that we’ll get Ric Flair on the ballot of SoftVote without a serious write in petition from his supporters.

I’m of the opinion that all the third party candidates deserve to be listed — what other place are they going to be shown to the public?  It’s more evidence that the Anybody But Bush (ABB) campaign will suppress any and all information just to achieve their ends (despite writing a for the most part impartial utility, the blog of SoftVote definately shows a lean towards the Kerry candidacy with an ABB slant).

Definately food for thought.  Pay attention to RIZZN.COM for more coverage of this idea.


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