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The libbys can’t handle anyone with any sort of conviction that differs from them. The vitriolic language coming out of the “mainstream” press truly makes me understand the dangers we are facing. Freedom of the press is one of the cornerstones of our freedom. When the mainstream bases all their sources in the liberal rags like the NY or LA Times, there is little wonder why this country is so divided. If the direction the dems want to take this country doesn’t set well with you like it doesn’t for me do what it takes to re-elect Bush and Cheney.. Our president has stood fast in the face of world terror. While the libbys would let the UN dictate to us and compromise our sovereignty as a nation.
“Appeasers believe that if you keep on throwing steaks at a tiger, the tiger will turn vegetarian.” Kerry is an appeaser. If Kerry were elected the 2nd amendment would be in jeopardy. I’d recommend people read Madison’s letters to New York in the “Federalist Papers” to truly understand the significance of the 2nd Amendment in today’s society. It is crucial to protect the individual against a federal tyranny.

Make a difference, join and support the NRA. Contact the Bush Campaign and contribute, inform your friends and colleagues to make a difference in November. Kerry is the most liberal person this country has seen in an election race since 1984 with Dukakis.

“I am the NRA”

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 And on the flip side of things:

I remember back in the 2000 election.
What did Bush promise?
Compassionate Consevativism?

There is nothing compassionate or conservative about unilateral pre-emptive war, promoting far right agendas that alienate half the country, and sending our troops to war without the real reason, a real plan, and real financing to get the job done.

George W. Bush said he would unify this country and ALL HE HAS DONE IS DIVIDE.

He has divided us from each other and the world.

And a clue for all of you Liberal does not mean immoral or not Godly.

That is something someone made up.

And if you haven’t read your Bible lately.

Jesus was inclusive not exclusive. He gave love and gave it freely even to those who maybe didn’t deserve it. And still does.

We should all live and have a leader that lives by THIS principal.

We need a uniter not a divider.
We need a promoter for all the people not just Big Business and the Thick Religious Right (Wrong).
We need someone that can communicate not a man who went to Yale and can barely audibly speak speeches written for him.
We need a vision not a canned plan from old Reagan mafia.

We need a real leader.

We need John Kerry.

And if not him, a cow could do better.

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