p2pnet.net News:– A large international network of hackers who stole computer programmes, films and music and then sold them on the black market has been broken up by Polish police.

Police in Gorzow Wielkopolski, western Poland, smashed a ring involving more than 100 people and active in Poland, the US, Australia, Britain and Slovakia, police spokeswoman Agata Salatka told Agence France-Presse.

Five Polish computer programmers thought to be the group’s leaders were arrested and face up to eight years in prison, she said.

The hackers got into the computers in universities and technical institutes in several countries, “using the large memory of the powerful computers to stock, without the knowledge of the owners, the most modern programmes, music, games and the most recent films,” AFP quotes Salatka as saying.

The gang was “shadowed” by Gorzow Wielkopolski police last October, aided by the FBI and police in Britain and Slovakia, adds the story.

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