One of the few shining stars of AKARadio known only to his adoring fans as Geno has graduated to the next level of internet radio greatness.

The Geno Show, a recent big hit ever it hit the internet radio scene at AKARadio will be doing the same thing it’s always been up to (that is to say playing the absolute best selections from emo, punk and ska) with one minor exception.

As of the 27th, he will be doing so to a much larger audience.  In what is quite a coup, Geno has secured a slot on the internet’s largest punk radio station, RantRadio: Punk!.  You can check it out as always from 10-12 Friday Nights (times EST) on RantRadio: Punk! now.

There are rumors of further syndication since his joining of the “Pirate This! Radio Network,” known for syndicating the famed Mark and Darrell show. You can be sure that we will report such news as soon as we learn of it here at

Check out the Geno Show website for updates and details: here.


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