Well, after hours of screwing around with a wireless wearable prototype, I’ve come away with a thorough hatred for Windows handling of Wireless Networking.


Like if I ever see Bill Gates, I’m going to punch him in the face for this. Probably twice.

I’m going to be doing some audio updates this evening and preparing for the M&D show… Hopefully this evening will give some good soundbytes, I’m going to Paris Hilton’s Record Release Party at the Mansion tonight. It should be fun…. it will definately make for a good show tomorrow if everything works according the plan.

I’m audi 5000 for now… stay tuned to the site for periodic updates. Be good people.


Alrighty… as usual I’m waiting for Darrell to get to a base station so that we can start the remote… I’ve been here at the location for a couple hours looking like a dork walking around with a a laptop and a microphone…

And son of a gun, the battery’s about dead on this stinkin’ thing…. doesn’t look we’ll be doing any recording tonight. We’ll see. I’m going to shut down for a bit and wait for the fun stuff to go down.


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