I just got back from the famed “P. Diddy” party.

Wow.  I must say, some of these chicks were friggin HOOOTTT.

Not to mention Paris Hilton or Ashley Simpson.  They were hot too.

I was set up a few feet away from the red carpet with about three laptops and a cadre of different types of antennae to try to capture an internet signal… so I attracted a little bit of attention.

I finally got some in the form of this crowd of chicks that wanted riz-nuts over here.

They were from New York, and I told one of them named Shari that “we should network” and “she should visit my site.”  Hopefully she does, and hopefully she writes me back.  She was mighty purdy.

As to the celebrities, it was pretty ok.  Busta Rhymes was hoofin’ it (he didn’t get the VIP treatment for some reason). Pretty much the rest of the people had their posse’s surrounding them so it was kinda hard to get words in to them on a personal level.

I’m getting a couple Radio Shack additions tomorrow so that I can bring my MAD Microphone to the red carpet tomorrow and get some “MAD SHOW RULES” or some stuff from the celebrities.

Nothing like celebrity endorsement.


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