We’ve received word that Emmanuel Goldstein, the founder and editor of 2600, was among the hundreds of people arrested at the demonstrations against the Republican National Convention in New York City.

The march which Emmanuel was apparently trying to videotape ended at 16th Street near Union Square when the police surrounded the marchers and began arresting everyone in the area — at least 150 people. Officers at the scene reported that the arrested will be charged with “parading without a permit,” but reliable information will probably not be available until arraignments take place over the next day or two.

At least 900 people were arrested on Tuesday, August 31st, most if not all for nonviolent and minor offenses, offenses which in non-protest situations would generally not result in spending any time at all locked up. People arrested at previous protests have usually had their charges eventually dropped or significantly reduced as the judicial system notices that their is little or no evidence that the protesters have committed any crimes at all.

United for Peace and Justice, one of the main groups organizing protests in the wake of the Republican invasion of New York, has called for a protest at 10am on Wednesday morning at Pier 57 (West Side Highway @ 15th Street) to highlight the mistreatment of arrested protesters.

For further information on the protests, the issues behind them, and the police response, New York City Indymedia has continually updated coverage.