Well good news and bad news..

Bad news first: I’m being kicked out of my “shelter” thing this morning.

Good news: my new shelter probably affords me a greater chance of survival.

This is a little bit dissappointing, since I was rather looking forward to the adventure of sitting out a cat4 (which is now a cat3) hurricane. I’m going to a co-worker’s house, the next closest place, that’s about 10 miles inland. This means that this slow-poke hurricane will be about an hour later at the point where I’m hanging out tonight than it will be for the coast.

I also won’t be getting that great of pictures.

I will, however, be able to AudBlog still, and I’ll try to get some updates and such up to the site.

As for how it looks outside, it’s still pretty overcast and around 85, pretty stuffy. I’ve been hanging out inside most of the morning, I’m still a little groggy, honestly.

Hrm. I guess I should get my things together and begin moseying along. Talk to you losers later.


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