I have finally decided to launch my record label.  I always get a bit involved in my music when things get a bit dead at work.  Well right now is no exception.  I have, over the last few weeks, banged out about five or six new songs, remastered a bunch of old ones, and finally finished a couple projects that needed finishing.

Right now, I’m peddling my wares through cafepress, and I’m selling it the cheapie route at first to get it out there.

Pay attention to this site over the next few weeks.  I’ll be adding the record label information, and giving away free downloads of the song, for a limited time, and talking about my music and inspirations and such.

Once the record label site goes up, the price of the cd will jump to $9.99 (up a whopping 3 bux from the current 6.99).

If you love me, you’ll by my album.  Get it now, while it’s hot!


PS: Click here to go get it

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