We’ve got a great MAD show planned this week.  It is estimated that we should at least very slightly exceed our usual garunteed 18% of MADshow goodness.

Subjects for the show this week:

What do you think of the big 10 rulez?
Supreme Court is hearing a couple cases on the 10 commandments.  We’ll talk about that.

Are you superstitious?  Why?

News and (possibly) Sports (sports?  yeah, we’re going to give that a try).

Dungeouns and Dragons Turns 30!
We’ve got something special lined up for D&D’s 30th birthday.

New Media vs. Old Media
Yes, we’re still beating this old horse into the ground.  We’ve got more to say on New Media vs. Old Media, and you’re going to hear about it whether you like it or not.

Plus much much more.  And stuff. Tune in, 8-midnight tonight on http://rantradio.com, the Talk Station.


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