I had a particularly productive night last.  I finished doing the initial setup for FNRadio/Skynet Radio, my company’s radio station.  Essentially, the desire for the station came from the need to share our tunes across the network.  It seems that I’ve become the offical company DJ, since in our close quarters at the old office everyone grew accustomed to listening to my tunes blaring from my computer, and now that everyone’s all spread out and such, it makes it difficult to hear anything except from one’s own machine.  The problem is if everyone plays different music, it sounds cacaughonous in the office.

So essentially, I got everyone playing from the same song-sheet.

As it turns out, I’ve done something good here with the station.  It’s been up for a day, and I’ve already over 47 listeners — wacky, eh?  AKA radio could never manage more than 14.

If you want to listen/request music, go to http://aacs.kicks-ass.net/fnradio/playing.html – the site’s not exactly done, but it is functional.


Music on the Turntables Currently: leftfield – open up (FN Radio: Smooth Sounds of SkyNet)

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