Rizzn is back, but not rested, it
would seem.

There has been a distinct lack of updates around here at rizzn.com, and there’s good reasons for it.  Just so you aren’t left completely in the dark, I’ll take some time out to share with you, my loyal 10 or so readers.

First and formost, business at AACS/CyberDyne has been picking up quite well after the hurricanes.  It has actually gotten to the point where I can focus on minor infrastructure systems at the company, like the company radio station or improving fax automation and database synchronisation (instead of a hand done procedure, the affiliate database synchronises four times a day automatically with the content manager). 

Disputing and Data Entry

Laura from Disputing

The foyer and the COO’s office

Secondly, the Aveary project is starting to take off.  The articles of incorporation are ready to go to press, the site is almost completed, and next Monday, we hope to do our first demo in front of a billionaire (obviously looking for investment capital). This is a big step, and due to the sensitive nature of the product, I really can’t go into the specifics of what we’re doing, but I can say that this will change the way the world works, once we go to market.

Thirdly, I’ve been getting involved with podcasting, in conjunction with my radio shows. Along that vein of thought, we had on the Mark and Darrell show one of the rising stars in the Podcasting world, Sondra Lowell, otherwise known as the deliverer of the tapdancing podcaster news (yeah!).  Here is the 30-minute interview between Darrell, Doug, myself, and Sondra —> (download 13.5 meg, 64k stream).

In other miscellaneous things, I’m upgrading the site to version 7.7 here within the next few days.  Joel and Matthew (currently known as DJ Colonoscopy and the Sh!t) wish to upgrade their credibility a little bit, as they’ve been making some amazing contacts and working on some comprehensive stories, and everyone keeps telling them that they have to drop the vulgarity in the name to be taken seriously (darn this square world).  In addition, I’m adding a podcasting category to the front page, adding RSS feeds, dropping ndmovies and whatever, and then combing them and a few others into a community blog.  Also, I’m in talks with a few “unsigned” bloggers/podcasters in attempts to lure them over to the rizzn.com community.

Lest I forget to plug this again, New Media News Network is still in active development.  Darrell and I are nearly completely done with pre-production work, and we will very shortly being talks with podcasters in an attempt to sign them up to join. 

Well, in about thirty seconds, the COO is going to be breathing down my neck and notice my non-productivity, so I’m going to finish up this entry.

Oh, for absolute hilarity, check out what has to be the funniest moment in recent history of the MADshow here due to James being drunk and calling in —> (download 949 KB. 64k stream).


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