[Rizzn’s Note: I got this from George Conner, counsel for FlyDLUX.]

Forrest, on Tuesday of this week, for the first time, I located the old divorce decree for James Wimmer’s parents. On Wednesday, I sent Lawrence E. Finkelstein to Ft. Worth to get the documents yesterday. Of course the old decree had the family names and social security numbers. Although all of the contracts list James Wimmer’s mother as Linda Meccurro, who died and left a large estate for him and various trusts, her real name is Sharon E. Wimmer and I called her today. I prepared a memo about our conversation, and the memo is attached hereto.

I learned of these things for the first time this afternoon. Lawrence E. Finkelstein learned of these things for the first time this afternoon. This has all happened in the last hour, and I think Larry is in shock at the moment. Let me say it again, Larry just found out these things when I called Sharon Wimmer.

George Conner


In the past 48 hours, new facts about James Dow Wimmer have been uncovered and this memo will attempt to set them out.

James Dow Wimmer
TxDL: 0090606884
SSN: 326-60-2140
DOB 12-14-1970

James was born in Detroit, has one brother named Jeffrey Wimmer, and has no other siblings.

Jeffrey Wimmer
SSN: 449-55-0951
DOB: 4/15/1974.

James’ mother is Sharon E. Wimmer

Sharon E. Wimmer
SSN: 577-64-9651
DOB: 8/28/1944
8141 Gibraltar Dr.
Tuscon, AZ 85704

Sharon’s telephone number is ***************. I called Sharon Wimmer this afternoon and learned that

1. She is the mother of James Dow Wimmer;
2. She never worked for American Airlines;
3. She never established any trusts for James Dow Wimmer, although she recently changed her last will and testament with regardes to James;
4. She knows that James has no assets;
5. She loaned James money recently because James was saying that he was having financial troubles and that things were bouncing all over the place;
6. She forgave the loan to James recently because things were so tough for him;
7. She said James was working in the Washington D.C. area for some nice people and that he would lose his job over this (meaning the car deals and the airline ticket deals);
8. She said she is Presbyterian, and before that Methodist; and that no one in the family is Jewish;
9. She said that some friends of James thought he looked Jewish, and that James converted to Judiasm;
10. She [WINDOWS-1252?]confirmed that James Wimmer’s telephone number is 410-977-8236;
11. She said that when she was 4 years of age, she was in an automobile accident, and suffered a blow to the right temporal lobe of her brain; as a result she suffered a memory loss, seizures, and emotional swings; only recently did the new medication catch up to her medical problem and make things significantly better.
12. She said that James has no sister named Stephanie, but has a brother named Jeffrey;
13. She said that James was never called Tony by the family and did not know to whom I was referring when I used the name Tony; 14. She said that James father is Stanley Wimmer, whose SSN: 235-58-5174, dob: 7/2/1937,and resides at 4116 Brookmore, Arlington, Texas and whose telephone number is ***************;
15. She said [WINDOWS-1252?]that Dorothy Paige was James’ maternal grandmother, who resided in Tuscon and is now deceased;
16. She said that she is not Linda Meccurro;
17. She seemed surprised and heartbroken by the news of the car contract problems and the airline ticket problems;
18. She [WINDOWS-1252?]called back later and said she left a message on James’ telephone and asked him to call me, which he has not done;
19. She asked me how I located her, if I thought her name was Linda Mecurro, and I told her that we found a divorce decree between her and Stanley; Cause No. 325-90905, in the 325th District Court of Tarrant County, Texas, Mbook251, Page 128-151, signed September 17, 1987. gc

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