First Hulk Hogan, Now Ric Flair
It’s been a while since I’ve done a less-than-serious post, so let me just take a few moments to talk about something I just observed about myself.

This election cycle is the second one in a row I’ve endorsed a wrestler for president. Back in 2000, I recently found out by reading my own diary, I came out in support of Hulk Hogan for president in January or so (there were no actual active campaigns being run by myself throughout the year like there were this year though).

And, as many of you regulars know, I came out in support of Ric Flair for president this year. (I was even written up in about a bazillion publications by Professor Wrestling).

What does this mean?  I mean, in both cases I was unable to actually garner any support for my stated candidates, nor did the system allow me to vote for them.  I ended up voting for Pat Buchanon in 2000 and Badnarik this time around.

I promise, I’m not a non-conformist for the sake of being one.  I guess I have just been cynical about the establishment for longer than I remember.

In Other News
I had a bizarre night’s sleep last night.  I went to sleep watching CSPAN’s Michael Medved telling me about how it’s bad for the family unit to go to sleep watching TV each night (talk about irony or something), and I woke up from a very vivid dream of something I can’t remember to a cardinal (you know, the red bird) slamming himself repeatedly into my window right around 6:45 AM.

Usually I don’t wake up for anything (I’ve been known to sleep through fire alarms before), but the sound it made strikingly resembled the sound that people make when they try to get my attention in the mornings when a network emergency happens.  That, combined with the pity for the dumb animal for the damage it must be doing to its bird brain caused me to get up and shoo it away.  It returned, however, within a couple minutes, so a routine of me getting up every few minutes and chasing it off.

I finally had the bright idea to open the Florida window thing so it might not see it’s reflection anymore and stop flying into it.  It worked to a point.  Instead of flying into it, it would alternate from landing on the window and landing on the fence and chirping the whole time. 

Is it generally considered a good omen to have birds trying to crash into your window? I didn’t get a good vibe from it, but it could be because I’m a server monk and not a nature person.  Who knows?

In Actual News
Tom Ridge resigned today.  I’m oh so very glad.

Ridge submitted his resignation in writing to President Bush on Tuesday morning but indicated he will continue to serve until Feb. 1. “I will always be grateful for his call to service,” Ridge said.

Ridge, a politician by nature, fought criticism leading up to the election from those who said he was using terror warnings to boost support for Bush. Ridge repeatedly said: “We don’t do politics in the Department of Homeland Security.”

Politics, maybe not.  Calls to end essential civil liberties, certainly.

This was one of the events I was waiting for that would give me a little bit of confidence that Bush was not in fact evil and in the habit of surrounding himself with evil men.

The last person I’m waiting for to resign is his Secretary of the Navy, Gorden Englund.  I have my reasons.  Gordon is not a good man.


Chat Log of the Day:
jamesinwylie: where is the content manager thing??????
Rizzn: OMG!!!?!?!
Rizzn: don’t freak out man
jamesinwylie: what?
jamesinwylie: just waiting on it.. got lots of work to do…
Rizzn: jamesinwylie: where is the content manager thing??????
Rizzn: got enough question marks there?
Rizzn: one pretty much does the job, y’know.
jamesinwylie: piss off.
jamesinwylie: ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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