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What is Rizzn’s Podcaster?  Well, to know what Rizzn’s Podcaster is, you need to know what Podcasting is.  If you’ve listened to my radio shows or talked to me at all within the last month or two, you probably already know, as it’s virtually all I’ve been talking about for a while.

Essentially, Podcasting is a method of audioblogging, which is to say you make entries as you do with your blog, but you do it with your voice or other chosen auditory medium, and it posts to the site.  There are a number of services that help you with this, some are simple php scripts, some are full-blown services with telephone numbers — but none of them really are a full service solution for podcasting.

What makes podcasting different the audioblogging?  One simple thing — RSS with enclosures.

Y’see there’s this little thing you may have heard of for blogs called RSS, and it essentially makes it easy to check a large number of blogs very quickly by using a feed-reader if you simply subscribe to the RSS feed for your chosen blogs (for instance, Podcasting takes it one step further, and includes a tag in the RSS feed called enclosures.  Enclosures is simply a pointer, an ahref if you will, to a file location, and in terms of podcasting, it’s a location of an MP3 file containing the audio update.

There are several podcasting utilties that have been written to take advantage of this (my personal favorite, and the only one I reccoment is iPodder ( What this does is take the RSS subscription of your favorite podcasting stream and synchronise it to your personal MP3 player or PC media player.

I strongly suggest you check out podcasting, and more importantly, I strongly suggest you sign up for your own podcast at! You’ll be glad you did!

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