What you are looking at now is the final version of Rizzn Dot Com.  It’s version 8.0, and it’s all about being back to the basics.

Right now there are some very big changes happening under the surfaces of rizzn.com.  We have basically sold and repackaged all the content you used to be able to find here to a new company that is interested in keeping us around to spew our garbage in the interests of better promoting ourselves, although I think they were more interested in the Podcasting gimmick than anything else.

Regardless, Two Coins, Peanut Gallery, and many other bloggers will be joining up with Rizzn.com posters and the rizzn.net podcasting community, as well as the various associated internet radio broadcasters to create a more cohesive creative community.

Stay tuned to rizzn.com and rizzn.net for more info along these lines.


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