Yet More Signs For Podcasting Growth
It seems I’m reading more and more of these articles all the time – Podcasting is finally coming into it’s own.  I couldn’t be prouder if I were Adam Curry.  It would appear that I’m still the only provider of free podcasting service out there, unless you count the ability to hack it together with radio userland or feedster.

In keeping with this grand growth, I want to make sure that all my followers are aware that I’m still hard at work developing the service.  I know you can’t tell from the look of the site that I’m doing things still, but I am.  Rizzn’s Podcaster is in the process of bein acquired by another entity, and a lot of programming work is getting done at the last minute to make the transition as smooth as possible.

That’s all I got.  My DayQuill addled brain won’t let me form anymore cogent thoughts.  Back to coding!


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