I’ve been burning through webservers like gangbusters since the start of the year.  I’ve gone through three already, and I’ve not recieved any satisfaction.  I know a lot of you who read this are from my podcasting site – and to you I can only offer my deepest apologies for not having a working site for you these last couple days.

I’ve been literally fighting with the server.  I think I’ve lost more blood from my knuckles these last three days from punching computer parts than any other time of my life.  Did you know that computers insides have a natural defense mechanism like a porcupine. Wacky!

At any rate – I’m burning through hosting companies like gangbusters. I started off Rizzn’s Podcaster on EHostPros, a hosting company run by a bunch of Indians (from the far of country of India, not Native Americans).  I normally don’t mind when a company farms out it’s tech support to a foreign country, but this very special group of morons liked to pretend to not understand English whenever it came down to getting a problem solved.  Whenever there was money owed, they suddenly learned English with a quickness! 

Any time there was a major problem, I had to wake the president of the company up at home at 1:00 am to get anything resolved.

So I killed that hosting plan and moved everything over to AIT.  AIT hosting is a great company so long as you don’t need help.  Our primary server was down for four days one time because they simply hadn’t gotten around to pressing the reset button after a power failure.

After a major falling out last month with AIT, we’ve moved over to ThePlanet.  The server is nice (expensive, but nice), but we haven’t had three straight days of good uptime since we’ve moved over there.