I had a weird happening tonight.  I was sleeping soundly, and then all of a sudden I shot up awake around 2:00 AM and had a bout of productivity.

Thank the Lord that is over with now, and I’m once again tired….

Well, I caught up on some emails, and I’ve realized a few things:

1) There is a Mark Hopkins in Los Angeles doing a Public Access show called Patriotically Yours, and he has a sidekick named Darrell. (he wrote me this weekend).

2) That is distinctly odd!

3) I sorta miss the old days back at ‘Teh Void,’ the geekhouse I used to call home back in the Dallas days, and decided to make some galleries when www.ndreamer.net’s gallery cut me off for file sizes. (Warning: these pictures contain drug-related images.  Yes, I used to be in the drug scene. No, I’m not anymore).


4) There is no number four.

5) www.rizzn.net seems to be back up and running – the spam issues seem to be over. Yay happy.

6) I’m going to sleep now. Hopefully.


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