I’m working on fixing up the promised changes to Rizzn’s Podcaster currently, and listening to RPuser MyUrbanEyes.  She’s got some good things to say and you should listen to her (not to mention I enjoy the fact that there’s an interesting female voice to listen to). Subscribe to her feed here.

After the last update, one of the honorable mentions already wrote me about it. Of course it would be Lish, she who reads never reads my page and never talks to me anymore.

I’ve also got to say I’m very surprised to hear more news hitting the headlines of the international community regarding a shootout. I’ll call some folks in town and see if I can get a scoop this week.

Smokehouse and I are going to try to record a new episode of “Out in Right Field” tonight.  There’s talk of it going daily.  That’s a big commitment.  We’ll see.

That’s all I got now. Deuce!

PS – Update as of 3:51 AM Friday Morning – The HTTP Upload Component is finished! Frabjous Day Callooh Callay! and such.


Music on the Turntables Currently: – myurbaneyes.oqoaba.mp3

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