Apparently, I’m being paid attention to!  Who would have thunk it, but my users over at Rizzn.Net actually read my words!  Amazing. Nobody pays attention to me, guys, just so you know.  I mean, I appreciate that you do, but no one really pays attention to me.

I’ve got two question for you r.podcasters who use iPodder to podcatch. Question one: Can you come up with a cogent question with more words with pod in them than the first one in this paragraph? Question two: Do you have problems downloading podcasts from using iPodder?

I’ve been getting back in the swing of things in listening to my users podcasts, and I was actually going to use a podcatcher to accomplish this, and I subscribed to heygemgem’s feed, and iPodder keeps timing out before the download starts (however, it doesn’t time out on my feed or feeds from other servers).  Just curious.

In other news, I think that might actually have a higher percentage of female users as compared to the rest of the podcasting world (or maybe I only selectively remember my female users – could be either one).  I haven’t done any demographics on this, but I believe I remember MyUrbanEyes mentioning a statistic (or was it Radio Free Calamity?) about a really low number of girls podcasting.

By the numbers, we’ve probably got average statistics, but by active users, I know it’s right around 59% male/39% female/2% undecided (always hafta have 2% undecided in any statistical quote).  We have Violet Blue (open source sex), Radio Free Calamity (which has one female host), My Urban Eyes, HeyGemGem (an interesting podcast from the boonies of Taiwan), and probably many many others that I’ve missed.

And for you guys out there, all of these ladies are hot hot hot stuff.* Subscribe today.


* This of course does not count the ones that are underage, since that would be sick and twisted of me to promote the sex icon status of underage users. Besides, I was talking about hot hot hot as in going like hotcakes.  Get your mind out of the gutter.

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