People that know me know that my dreams tend toward the bizarre.  I know a few of you actually understand dreams, and I put you to the test on this one.

The setting was this fictional corridor in North Texas that my dreams are often set in. I know that it’s North Texas (and I mean North of the DFW Metroplex by this) because in the dream I know that my elder family is from this area.  Instead of traveling the roads in this dream, for whatever reason there’s a train now that goes the distance – and I’m on it.

On the train I’ve been noticing a love triangle forming between myself, a girl and this guy who was a journalist, I think (or maybe I was the journalist). Someone suggested that a menage-a-four was in order, and we all more or less readily agreed, but the problem was we couldn’t find this other dude’s girlfriend. 

We had already hit the end of the line going North on this train, so we were heading back South East, and we stopped off in Denton (or Dennison) and we were looking around.

Then my alarm goes off. I went back to the dream after the snooze button had been properly slammed.

When I awoke back up in the dream, I was passing the time flirting with my girlfriend and working on a math problem (this is where it gets real kooky).  There’s a certain math problem called Pascal’s Triangle.

At the tip of Pascal’s Triangle is the number 1, which makes up the zeroth Ptreal1rrow. The first row (1 & 1) contains two 1’s, both formed by adding the two numbers above them to the left and the right, in this case 1 and 0 (all numbers outside the Triangle are 0’s). Do the same to create the 2nd row: 0+1=1; 1+1=2; 1+0=1. And the third: 0+1=1; 1+2=3; 2+1=3; 1+0=1. In this way, the rows of the triangle go on infinitly. A number in the triangle can also be found by nCr (n Choose r) where n is the number of the row and r is the element in that row. For example, in row 3, 1 is the zeroth element, 3 is element number 1, the next three is the 2nd element, and the last 1 is the 3rd element. The formula for nCr is:



! means factorial, or the preceeding number multiplied by all the positive integers that are smaller than the number. 5! = 5 × 4 × 3 × 2 × 1 = 120.

At any rate, in my dream, I was performing this math problem by hand, and substituting the numbers with HTML tags.  I had just realized that I was using HTML tags instead of numbers and was going to figure out what I meant by all of this, when I solved the problem and woke up.

I’m a strange cookie, yes I know.


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